Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Music :)

decided the other day that i was going to get some excercise cos i felt cooped up from all my revision.

so i decided that a good idea would be to go for a run

i went on youtube looking for some different songs to listen to, stuff that would get me going, and this is what i found
enjoy guys ;)

What sort of music do you listen to to get you motivated?


  1. Oo nice :D I listen to heavy metal to get motivated :D

  2. Why anything from my music blog of course *cough*shamelessselfplug*cough* loved the song, thanks man.

  3. Doom metal.

  4. hehe I have friend who like METAL ;]] I prefere ROCK and RAP but metal is fine too ;]

  5. Rage Against the Machine to get the adrenaline running during exercise.

  6. Nothing really. I go jogging with a mate, so we usually chat while running.

    Nice blog, though. Following!

  7. fast music doesnt matter much wich genre.
    Cool blog im following you for more !:D

  8. Haha I love this post, I meant to work out today now you reminded me, but dubstep or drum n bass is best for me. or maybe some trance :D

  9. Good luck with your routine!

    When I need to get motivated, I like to listen to hard hitting music, Busta Rhymes, maybe some ego booster hip hop like watch the trone :P

    +1 follower!

  10. Metal mostly. Gives you rhythm for running, and pumps you up a lot, of course, depending on the genre.

    Also, followed. Pass by my blog if you feel likt it.

  11. Rock and metal mostly! Good post.
    Yesterday I created a blog about art, could you check it out? Followed ;)

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